Frequently Asked Questions

What is your editing style?

Honesty has to come first. Having worked with dozens of writers one-on-one, I understand the value of authentic relationships, which must be built on mutual trust and respect. I'm extremely encouraging; I would never deliver a critique that doesn't include praise for what I love and what the writer is doing well! 

My style is supportive, detailed, and thoughtful. I'll ask plenty of questions to get you to think critically about your characters, your plot, and the story you're trying to tell, and I'll make suggestions that are always exactly that: suggestions. Your project is yours, and I'm deeply sensitive to that fact. What I want to do is make it shine. I want you to feel excited about edits, and I want you to love your final product.  If you're considering booking a Full Manuscript Critique, which includes an edit letter plus line edits, I offer a free sample critique of 3 pages so you can get a sense of my editing style before you book.

What's your turnaround time?

Smaller critiques will be delivered within a week. For larger critiques, you can expect to wait 3-6 weeks for feedback. If you're working toward a particular deadline, I can prioritize your project for a rush fee. 

How should I format my materials?

Please send your materials as .doc or .docx files with your last name somewhere in the file name. Documents should be 12-point Times New Roman with 1-inch margins and double-spaced, except for a synopsis, which should be single-spaced.

Am I guaranteed an agent/book deal/Netflix series/theme park based on my book after working with you? 

Publishing is so subjective, and we're all playing a guessing game: what will attract an agent's attention, what will sell, what will sell big. Whether you land an agent or book deal is unfortunately beyond my control. What I can do is draw out the wonderful elements of your manuscript, help improve your storytelling and craft, and ensure you have a solid set of skills to apply to future projects.

Can I submit to you for Pitch Wars if I've hired you for freelance editing?

If we've worked together on a small critique and your project matches my wish list, absolutely! However, please note that each Pitch Wars submission carries the same weight; clients will not be given any special preference. If we've worked together on a full manuscript critique, I recommend submitting to other mentors. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal, Venmo, and Google Pay. For small critiques, I ask that you pay upfront. For large critiques, you'll pay in two installments: upon agreement and before delivery of edits. If you're booking a large critique more than 2 weeks in advance, I ask for a nonrefundable deposit of $50 to hold your spot. Returning clients receive a 10 percent discount on future services.