I am currently booked through the end of 2019 and will be open to new projects again in January 2020. If you’re interested in booking ahead of time for early 2020, I’d love to hear from you!

Whether you're preparing to query or seeking an editor for your independently published book, I offer a variety of critique packages.

I work with all genres of YA and MG. In adult, I would be the best fit for any kind of contemporary fiction (literary, upmarket, women’s fiction, etc.), historical fiction, mystery, thriller, and romance. I also have experience working with diverse and LGBTQ+ fiction.

If you're ready to book, please contact me here. You can expect a response within 48 hours. I look forward to working with you!

Large Critiques

Developmental Edit

This big-picture critique is the perfect place to start if you've finished a manuscript and aren't quite sure how to begin the revision process. I'll read your full manuscript and provide a detailed editorial letter that offers feedback on story elements such as characters, plot, structure, voice, pacing, setting, and more. Typical edit letter length is 5-8 single-spaced pages. Please note that this does not include line edits. $0.009/word

Full Manuscript Critique

This is ideal for writers who have gone through a round or two of big-picture edits (on their own or with critique partners/beta readers) and are looking for thorough feedback and guidance to take their book to the next level. This detailed critique includes an edit letter (the Developmental Edit) plus line edits (margin comments throughout the document, along with light proofreading).

I love this edit because comments offer context for the larger issues explored in the edit letter. This edit also includes an optional one-hour phone call to discuss my feedback and brainstorm revision ideas, and I’m always available for follow-up questions via email. If you're considering this service, I offer a complimentary critique of the first 3 pages of your manuscript to give you a feel for my editing style before you book. $0.016/word

Line Edit Only

Essentially, the Full Manuscript Critique without the edit letter. This service involves margin comments (typically 1-3 comments or tracked changes every few pages) that examine the manuscript on a scene level and address character motivations, plot points, voice, word choice, transitions, and more, along with light proofreading. I’ll ask questions, offer suggestions, and provide real-time reactions as I read.

The goal of line editing is to truly make your manuscript shine on a chapter and scene level. This is also a great option if you’re looking to trim or add to your word count — I can tailor my feedback based on your goals or begin reading with a blank slate. $0.012/word

For a more detailed explanation of line editing vs. copy editing, check out this great article.  

Partial Manuscript Critique

If you're looking for feedback on any number of pages (first 50, first 100, etc.), this service is for you. Edit letter (broad overall thoughts) only: $0.009/word. Line edit (in-line comments along with light proofreading) only: $0.012/word. Edit letter + line edit: $0.016/word

Copy Editing

Once you've finished revising your manuscript and incorporating reader or editor feedback, you may be interested in a copy edit. I'll assess your manuscript's clarity, accuracy, and consistency at the sentence level. This includes help with grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax, and while I'll work to ensure your manuscript is as clean as possible, I'll of course leave your voice intact! $0.014/word

Beta Read

This is a much lighter version of a developmental edit. A beta read might be the right fit if you’re looking for general thoughts on plot, characters, pacing, and specific events in the book, plus my overall impressions. Typically 1-2 pages in length. $0.006/word

Small Critiques

Query Edit

I absolutely LOVE queries. Query-writing is an art, and I find it so satisfying to get to the heart and stakes of a story. I'll provide up to three rounds of edits on your already-written query letter, or we can start from scratch. For the latter option, we'd brainstorm query structure and you'd write a first draft, for which I'd  then provide two rounds of edits, guaranteeing you have the opportunity for a final polish. Each round includes a detailed line edit of your query plus 1-3 paragraphs of feedback. $35 for one round of edits, $60 for two rounds of edits, $85 for three rounds of edits, $95 for email brainstorming + two rounds of edits

Sample Page Edit

Let's make your opening pages sing!  This package includes line edits and a one-page analysis of your sample's strengths and suggestions for improvement. $0.016/word

Synopsis Edit

You may be dreading writing your synopsis, but it doesn't have to be stressful! It should, however, be straightforward and easy to follow. I'll edit for voice and clarity, making sure the structure sounds solid and the stakes are evident. These line edits will include questions and suggestions. All you need is a first draft (two single-spaced pages), and together we'll whip it into shape. $40 for one round of edits, $30 for each additional round, additional fee for synopses longer than two pages

Submission Package

Perfect for querying writers! This includes the Query Edit, Sample Page Edit, and Synopsis Edit. $150-$250 depending on the length of your sample pages and desired number of edit rounds

If you’re looking for a type of edit I haven’t listed here, contact me and we'll work something out!